By Alison Green,

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Imagine a world where everyone is kind
- how can we make that come true? With gorgeous
pictures by a host of the world's top illustrators, Kind
is a timely, inspiring picture book about the many ways children
can be kind, from sharing their toys and games to helping those…

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It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wonders, “But what can I do? I’m just a kid!” The book is filled with kid-friendly, practical ideas of ways to be kind: offering a smile or a hug; sharing; letting someone else take the first turn; learning words in a new arrival’s language; and much, much more. Each page features work by another terrific artist—it’s absolutely a visual feast for anyone who appreciates good illustration. The bonus is that sales of the book help raise money for a charity that assists refugees trying to make a new start. What could be better…

From Leslie's list on more elusive than ever kindness.

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