Keturah and Lord Death

By Martine Leavitt,

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National Book Award Finalist

A young woman makes a bargain with Death himself-and only true love can set her free-in this spellbinding YA fantasy romance for fans of Robin McKinley.

For most of her sixteen years, beautiful Keturah Reeves has mesmerized the villagers with her gift for storytelling. But when…

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When Death comes for Keturah after she follows a hart into the woods and becomes hopelessly lost, she tells the stern but handsome Lord Death a story that grants her a reprieve for twenty-four hours. In that time, she must find her true love or else be carried away by Lord Death on his dark horse when her time is up. In beautiful, straightforward prose, this short novel feels like a true fairy tale of old, haunting and romantic, sad and full of hope. I’ve read this book so many times now that I’ve lost count, but the final scenes…

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