It Might Be An Apple

By Shinsuke Yoshitake,

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It Might Be an Apple is a boisterous, philosophical shaggy dog story for young children - and probably a few adults. The story follows a child's hilarious, wildly inventive train of thought through all the things an apple might be if it is not, in fact, an apple. Distrusting the…

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Another comic book, which is actually a Japanese picture book for children. It’s about exploring the power of your imagination—is the apple you are looking at actually an apple, or could it be something else? I read this when it came out and I was floored by the joyous curiosity it inspires, as well as the beautiful ligne-claire style artwork. It definitely helps to relieve dread in that it makes you think like a child again, opening up the world to endless possibilities. Glorious.

From Emily's list on to alleviate dread.

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