Hotel Paradise

By Martha Grimes,

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Spirit Lake, near Hotel Paradise, is notorious because a small child drowned there, over 40 years ago. A local 12-year-old girl has becomed obsessed with solving this mystery, and when a second death occurs, she begins to put together the pieces of a past and present puzzle.

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Twelve-year-old Emma Graham she lives with her chef mother, older brother, Will, in the once-grand resort, Hotel Paradise. Emma works as a waitress in the hotel restaurant. Often left to her own devices, Emma learns about a forty-year-old mystery involving another twelve-year-old girl, Mary-Evelyn, who drowned in Spirit Lake. Emma is convinced the girl was murdered and sets out to prove it. Hotel Paradise is the first in a series. I love the plot thread that is woven through all four books as Emma uncovers one secret after another in her quest for the truth. But the book is about…

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