By Candace Fleming, Eric Rohmann (illustrator),

Book cover of Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera

Book description

Robert F. Sibert Medal Winner
Take to the sky with Apis, one honeybee, as she embarks on her journey through life!

An Orbis Pictus Honor Book
Selected for the Texas Bluebonnnet Master List
Finalist for the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books

A tiny honeybee emerges through the…

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This book became a “wow” moment for me as it celebrates the life of a honey bee. “Can I fly now?” the bee wants to know. With poetic language and exquisite close-up illustrations, the reader has to wait, just like the bee, who has only 35 days to get through many chores before she can fly off for the final flower and honey mission. Who could ever swat a busy bee after reading this amazing life story? Extra information is provided about the special skills and plight of our important pollinators.  

This poetic tribute to the hardworking honeybee opens with Apis emerging from the wax cap of her cell. She helps clean the nursery and feed the queen until she is ready to fly—when she takes to the sky in a stunning fold-out illustration that puts the reader in a bee’s-eye view. Fleming describes the honeybee’s lifecycle in lyrical and accessible language, while Rohmann’s beautifully detailed illustrations are a visual feast. The book includes an essay on the plight of honeybees. 

From Susan's list on fun facts about birds and animals.

Bar none, this is the best bee book for kids. It is the most accurate kid’s bee book on the market, serving up bee facts in a kid-friendly format with Fleming’s award-winning style. The illustrations are spot on with many realistic details that beekeepers will bee happy to see. Equally as important as bee-ing factually accurate, Fleming is a gifted storyteller, and Honeybee does a great job of turning a bee’s life into a compelling story that will entertain and engage kids of all ages. This book will make you smile because it captures the true wonder of honeybees,…

From Frank's list on buzzworthy beekeeping.

Who says picture books are only for young children?  I taught all levels, K-12, and often used picture books to grab and hold the attention of my Middle and High School students. If this award-winning book had been published when I was still teaching, I would have read it to every math and science class I taught. This is a visually stunning book with text that is both poetic and informative. The factual behaviors and life cycle of an individual honeybee are filled with as much wonder as more imaginative tales. I kid you not, I cried on the last…

From Mobi's list on the magic of bees for ages 10-14.

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