Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

By J.K. Rowling,

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It's time to PASS THE MAGIC ON - with brand new children's editions of the classic and internationally bestselling series The third book in the global phenomenon series that changed the world of books forever When the Knight Bus crashes through the darkness and screeches to a halt in front…

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This is the third book in this seven-book series where Hermione Granger plays a more central part in the plot. It was around about the time this came out that I discovered Harry Potter and went back to read from the Philosopher’s Stone onwards.

I was always convinced, from the very beginning, that Hermione Granger is black with her ‘bushy brown hair,’ so I was disappointed when Emma Watson was cast in the subsequent film versions. As we now all know from the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hermione Granger is black. 

I often suspect that characters…

Total gear shift, I know, but this is going somewhere, I promise.

I was late to the party with the Potter series, and whilst not many will have the luxury of experiencing this book spoiler-free, the reason I’m recommending this is because of the impact it had on my writing.

There I was reading a book about a magic school and then out of nowhere (okay there was some allusion and one helluva Chekhov’s Gun with that necklace Hermione was rocking) it went full-on sci-fi! This wasn’t just a brief foray into time travel either, it was an entire arc…

This third Harry Potter book features a werewolf, Remus Lupin, as one of Harry’s professors. (Sorry if that was a spoiler, but his name is practically Werewolf McWerewolf, as the joke goes.) I found Lupin to be highly sympathetic and easy to love—hands down the best teacher Harry ever had. Despite being shunned by most of the wizarding world, Lupin still persists in living as good a life as he can, helping others, and not giving in to despair. That’s a true hero. I also like how Rowling uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for illness, as I have a chronic…

From Sarah's list on pawsitively awesome werewolfs.

Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time

By PJ Davis,

Book cover of Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time

PJ Davis

New book alert!

What is my book about?

Featured in "Best Middle Grade Fantasy Books" - Reedsy Discovery

"Fun & Fast Paced, This is Middle Grade Fantasy at its Best!" — Shaun Stevenson

"If you know any middle-grade readers who enjoy science fiction/fantasy with a mix of action, danger, and humor - recommend this book to them, or just go ahead and give them a copy." — The Fairview Review

“With elements of adventure, exploration, other worlds, and fantastical science, Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time is an exciting middle-grade novel with plenty of suspense… Behind the adventure are important messages about believing in oneself and finding inner strength.” — The Children's Book Review

"The plot of Nemesis and The Vault of Lost Time is a tapestry of surprises characterized by its unforeseen twists and turns. It’s this element of suspense that grips the readers, while the vivid descriptions create immersive visual experiences. Beyond its adventurous core, this mystery novel delves into themes of friendship and the nuanced dynamics of father-son relationships, offering a multi-layered reading experience." — The Literary Titan

Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time

By PJ Davis,

What is this book about?

Thirteen-year-old Max is a daydreamer. It gets him into trouble at school, but his restless curiosity really turns problematic when he runs into a mysterious professor at his uncle's bookstore.

The old man informs Max that time is being sucked out of the planet by invisible bandits, stolen from unsuspecting people one breath and one sneeze at a time, and is being stored in a central vault. Once full, the vault will fuel a hungry horde of invaders looking to cross into earth, and cross out all its people.

What's more, the professor claims he knew Max's missing scientist father.…

I could recommend any of the Harry Potter stories as best fantasy Bildungsroman books, but I decided to go with Prisoner of Azkaban for this list because it has always been my favorite of the series. A good Bildungsroman shows a young person having to make their way in the world, and in Prisoner of Azkaban, that’s exactly what Harry has to do after he loses his temper and accidentally “blows up” his Aunt Marge. He’s thrust out into a dark world of danger, and the plot progression that tracks with his character growth leads to one of the…

From K. B.'s list on fantasy bildungsroman.

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