Hannibal's Dynasty

By Dexter Hoyos,

Book cover of Hannibal's Dynasty: Power and Politics in the Western Mediterranean, 247-183 BC

Book description

Accessible and enlightening, Hannibal's Dynasty provides the full story of Carthage's achievement, going beyond the usual focus on Hannibal and military matters alone to look at a wide range of political and diplomatic issues too.

Dexter Hoyos shows how the aristocratic Barcid family won dominance in the free republic of…

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Here is a book that takes the family of Hannibal, the Barcids, as they were known and looks at their role in the formation of the western Mediterranean in the 3rd century BCE. This is an accessible and well-written deep dive into the identity and ideas behind the family that created Hannibal by one of the best-known scholars of the topic. 

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