Hamlet's Mill

By Giorgio de Santillana, Hertha von Dechend,

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This extraordinary book makes us understand what the ancients saw in the sky. It is one of those rare books that change our ideas about myth and archaic thought once and for all, explaining the myths of the whole world by an astronomical key. In a word, this is certainly an extraordinarily important book, which should definitely be read by anyone who is passionate about these topics.

From Felice's list on ancient myths and European prehistory.

De Santillana and von Dechend show how ancient mythology "tells the skies," and how people everywhere attempted to come to terms with the inconstancy to the heavens. How could people, or their properly prepared souIs, mount the Milky Way if the configuration of the heavens was no longer as described by the founders of religion and tradition? The stakes were high, the pursuit of immortality. It is difficult to improve on the review in the Scientific American in which Philip Morrison, a senior professor of physics at MIT, judged that although Hamlet's Mill was "only a bent key to the…

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