Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn,

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Who are you?
What have we done to each other?

These are the questions Nick Dunne finds himself asking on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary, when his wife Amy…

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She likes to do the same as me: Take the structure of a potboiler/page-turner and see how far below the surface you can go. It's a contemporary, accessible, entertaining thriller—but so much more. There are lots of layers to this juicy tome, and it's insanely well-written. Keeps you thinking long after finishing. The movie’s pretty good too!

Gone Girl is one of the most gripping books I’ve ever read. Flynn is exceptional at portraying two simultaneously unreliable narrators. The humor is hilarious, and the tension is terrifying. There were several moments where I thought I was guessing the narrative ahead, only for the book to put me in my place so hard I felt like it had scalded my palms. Even though the setting is relatively normal compared to the other books I’ve selected here, Flynn excels at detailing various environments throughout. I was thrilled that this excellent book got a proper adaptation by one of the…

From Livio's list on riveting worlds.

What can I say about Gone Girl? Just Wow! This thriller had so many twists and turns, I felt a little seasick while reading it. But in a good way, if there is a good way to be seasick. The storyline follows a strained marriage, a lonely wife, and a husband that begins to look like the suspect when that same wife goes missing. The story kept my attention throughout the book, trying to figure out, why did that happen, or this happens, what’s coming next, and in shock when the answers were finally revealed! I can tell you,…

Gone Girl is another addictive page-turner, but what truly sets it apart is its structure. I love it when novels surprise you and Gone Girl uses point-of-view to do just that. As a screenwriter, I value structure and I employ the principles of three-act structure in each of my novels. If you haven’t read the novel (or seen the film), the less you know going in, the better. That said, Gone Girl is a crime thriller that explores the dynamics of marriage in a very unique and entertaining way.

From Alex's list on crime with a cinematic sensibility.

This is an interesting one, as the biggest twist really comes in about the middle of the book. I remember the first time I read this, I went into it cold knowing nothing about it so the twist really was a massive rug-pull. Funnily enough, this and Audition are almost warnings about relationships and being careful what you wish for – which is interesting as apparently it means relationships and crime fiction go quite well together…

From Angelo's list on crime with killer twists.

Gone Girl is the first book that jerked me around like a rollercoaster. And I loved every minute! Most books save the big twist for the end, but Flynn cleverly inserted a giant twist pretty early on in the book—then continued adding them at every turn. It’s a breathless ride through surprises, new layers, and huge problems you never saw coming. Every chapter threw more problems on her characters, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’d overcome each issue. It also had the characters on their toes—and keeps readers at attention all the way through. The twists in Gone…

The character of Amy Dunne shatters every imaginable norm of acceptable, expected female behavior.  She left “nice” long, long ago. In spite of (and in part because of) her upbringing of privilege and protection, she has a lifetime’s worth of suppressed bitterness, disappointment, and rage. Even the author admitted in interviews that Amy’s craziness is way over the top. But that’s why Amy is so fascinating. Whatever will she do next? She explodes her way into the front row of the male-dominated Pantheon of dark-hearted anti-heroes.

From Glenn's list on fearless females in fiction.

Set against the backdrop of a New York couple’s failing marriage, wife Amy Dunne disappears. Every clue points to her abduction and possible murder. The finger of suspicion points to husband Nick—especially after Amy’s diary is found. In it, she has detailed her relationship with Nick from its rosy beginnings to the point where she fears for her safety at his hands.

It was obvious to me where this mystery was heading—until I turned the page about halfway through the book. The brilliant switch in POV and the realization that Nick might possibly become a victim of a miscarriage of…

By now, you’ve surely seen, read, or just heard enough of this book to ask yourself, what the #&[email protected] is a thriller—about a missing wife and the husband who may or may not have played a role in her disappearance—doing on a list of love stories? This brilliant novel may have invented or at least reinvigorated a genre of its own, but the question at its heart tells a tale as old as time (to quote another classic consistent with our broader theme): will Amy and Nick Dunne ever find each other again—and, if they do, could they live happily…

Seriously, Gone Girl has everything. There's some unreliable storytelling, a big switcheroo, twists and turns and so much going on, you're going to be questioning everything about every character. Revelations start to come hot and heavy and you're trying to piece it all together. Meanwhile, there is no one you can trust and everyone is devious. 

In other words, a great book. This is what they call a "page-turner," so be careful. Once you start turning the pages, you won't be able to stop.

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