Frog and Toad

By Arnold Lobel,

Book cover of Frog and Toad: A Complete Reading Collection

Book description

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of beloved bestselling characters Frog and Toad! 

Frog and Toad are always there for each other—just as best friends should be! From sledding in winter to eating ice cream on hot summer days, these two friends have fun together the whole year round! 

This box set…

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There may not be a simpler book that paints a more complex picture of friendship as Frog and Toad. The chapters would be the perfect length for bedtime reading if the two amphibians weren’t so engrossing that both you and your young one will keep deciding on “just one more” until you’ve read them all. Frog and Toad are clever, and naïve, and sweet, and always funny.

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