Fortunately, the Milk

By Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young (illustrator),

Book cover of Fortunately, the Milk

Book description

From multi-award-winning Neil Gaiman comes a spectacularly silly, mind-bendingly clever, brilliantly bonkers adventure - with lip-smackingly gorgeous illustrations by Chris Riddell. Mum's away. Dad's in charge. There's no milk. So Dad saves the day by going to buy some. Really, that's all that happens. Very boring. YAAAAAAAAAWN. There are absolutely…

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This one is different, in the sense that it is a children’s book. You can read it to your five-year-old, and you will both love it. A wonderfully tall tale by a father, explaining why it took him so long to get the milk. It includes dinosaurs, vampires, enchanted gems, and (briefly) magic ponies. But along with all this silliness, there is a story of a father caring for his children, a sense of family and love in which the story is embedded. A wonderful little book.

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