Deep Learning with Python

By Francois Chollet,

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"The first edition of Deep Learning with Python is one of the best books on the subject. The second edition made it even better." - Todd Cook

The bestseller revised! Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to the field of deep learning using Python and the…

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This is a fantastic book to get you started. It is written by the author of a leading deep learning framework Keras, which makes even Tensorflow very easy to use. Chollet is a true leader of the deep learning craft and the Manning team always does an excellent job of forcing authors to make the subject matter accessible. Highly recommended!

From Jakub's list on applied deep learning.

General-purpose machine learning is not why machine learning is so popular. Instead, ML is popular because a branch of ML, called deep learning, has proven to be incredibly powerful at handling unstructured data — images, video, natural language text, audio/speech, etc.

Francois Chollet is the author of Keras, the leading software framework for deep learning. As with Aurelien’s book, Francois’ book is clearly written, immensely pragmatic, and will give you the necessary intuition and show you how to implement deep learning models in code.

From Valliappa's list on to become a machine learning engineer.

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