Death of an Englishman

By Magdalen Nabb,

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Introducing Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia of the Florentine carabinieri, a Sicilian stationed far from home. He wants to go south for Christmas to spend the holiday with his family, but he is laid up with the 'flu. At this awkward moment, the death of a retired Englishman is reported. A most…

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This delightful mystery set in Florence not only intrigues the reader with its clever, twist-filled plot but also with its insights into daily life and culture in Italy. The characters are enjoyable and show many humorous and unique facts of Italian life. Nabb knows her Florence and her Italians, and her ability to describe both make a reader wish to accompany her on her next trip!

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The late Magdelen Nabb nailed Florentine life and manners better than some journalists working in the city and region—and she was a potter! Her detective, Marshal Guarnaccia, is a fairly simple man who gets the job done, but knows when he’s out of his league. Nabb, who was English but chatted up local cops in the Italian village where she lived, felt that real Italian cops were marked with a streak of fatalism. They knew that they would never be able to buck the nation’s soul-crushing bureaucracy—so why try? Despite the darkness, I love her descriptions of everyday Italian life,…

From Joseph's list on discovering Italian mystery novels.

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