Creepy Susie

By Angus Oblong,

Book cover of Creepy Susie: And 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children

Book description

Creepy Susie. Mary Had a Little Chainsaw. Milo's Disorder. Rosie's Crazy Mother. The Siamese Quadruplets. Emily Amputee.

Your mother never told you these stories.

She didn't want to scare you.

But Angus Oblong is not your mother.

If Edgar Allan Poe and David Lynch wrote a book, it might be…

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Why read it?

1 author picked Creepy Susie as one of their favorite books. Why do they recommend it?

The stories are twisted and disturbing, and the artwork is just as awesome. This is the sort of book to give a kid (or even an adult) who says they don’t like reading. The books they beat you over the head with at school are boring enough to turn anyone into a non-reader; this little gem may just be the antidote to this situation.

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