Collected Fictions

By Jorge Luis Borges, Andrew Hurley (translator),

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All of Borges' dazzling fictions have been freshly translated and gathered for the first time into a single volume - from his 1935 debut with The Universal History of Iniquity, through the immensely influential collections Ficciones and the The Aleph, to his final and never before translated work from the…

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Of all of Borges’ work, I chose this one because it contains all his work—of his fiction that is. There is another volume containing a lot of his non-fiction. He was a short story writer, poet, essayist, reviewer, screenplay writer and translator from Old Norse and Anglo Saxon, among other languages. It is hard to add to the litany of praise for this hugely influential and singular author. It is interesting that he never wrote a novel, and also pleasing that his subject matter, which is far from the mainstream has gained near universal recognition.

He examines the Theseus myth…

Time plays an explicit or implicit role in numerous of Borges's texts. Through his essays and fiction, he explores questions such as the possibility of changing the past, the direction of time, Zeno's paradoxes, etc. For me, The Secret Miracle is especially fascinating, since in many ways it offers a concrete manifestation of Bergson's philosophy. The protagonist experiences two different types of time: the internal time of consciousness and the external cosmological time. Through his experiences, we face questions such as: Does each one of us experiences time differently? What is the relation between exterior cosmological time and interior subjective…

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