Cecile & The Kingdom of Belamor

By Marilyn F. Churchill,

Book cover of Cecile & The Kingdom of Belamor

Book description

In this three-part epic adventure, Cecile wakes up in a dream, and finds herself in the Kingdom of Belamor. The fourteen-year-old is unaware that she is, in fact, the Princess of this realm. She soon discovers that a beautiful enchantress has cast a spell over the kingdom and usurped her…

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This beautiful volume of three stories about a princess who deals with a spider-enchantress, a pair of feuding wizards, and a benevolent old dragon in her kingdom features pristine, gorgeous illustrations and a sweet-but-strong heroine. I just really love how Princess Cecile is a brave and sensible person and the twist that the real Cecile actually lives in our world and writes about Belamor was really smart, gently suggesting that princess stories are not just escapist fantasy, but an important part of self-expression for young girls as they grow up. It’s rare for me to find anything that so perfectly…

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