By Andrea J. Loney, Carmen Saldaña (illustrator),

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Everyone looks at Bunnybear and only sees his outsides! As a person who struggled to feel good in my own skin and was often criticized by my peers as a child for being “weird,” I was moved to see Bunnybear on his journey to be comfortable exactly the way he is—which is perfect.

From Phaea's list on animals trying on new identities.

Bunnybear, oh Bunnybear… this book is one of my all-time favorites. I came for the adorable cover illustration and stayed for the sweet characters and beautifully crafted metaphor about being true to who you are and listening with love to the people around you. Like the other books on this list, this story doesn’t hit you over the head with its message, but instead, seamlessly weaves it into a lighthearted, fun narrative. Also, minor spoiler: this book has a character named Grizzlybun. How can you not love a story with a character named Grizzlybun!?

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