By Lucy Cooke,

Book cover of Bitch: A Revolutionary Guide to Sex, Evolution and the Female Animal

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'A dazzling, funny and elegantly angry demolition of our preconceptions about female behaviour and sex in the animal kingdom ... Bitch is a blast. I read it, my jaw sagging in astonishment, jotting down favourite parts to send to friends and reading out snippets gleefully...' Observer

'A book that is…

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I've been recommending this brilliant re-appraisal of Darwinism to everyone I know (and plenty I don't!) for months. 

The underlying message is that the author of Evolution of Species was a Victorian pater familias who considered women fit only for childbirth and domestic duties, incapable of rational decision-taking - a view he applied to females of all species from the great apes to nematode worms.

The idea that it's the male who chooses the female and so decides the path of evolution is blown out of the water by this marvelous book.

A group of young female scientists have been…

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