Bee Fearless

By Mikaila Ulmer,

Book cover of Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid

Book description

A business memoir from lemonade entrepreneur and one of TIME Magazine's Top 30 Most Influential Teens, Mikaila Ulmer, and her advice for life and business--now in paperback!

When Mikaila Ulmer was four, she was stung by a bee--twice in one week. She was terrified of going outside, so her parents…

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I had so many lemonade stands when I was a kid but mine never became a million-dollar business (not even close!)!  If only I’d had Mikaela’s book (and determination) back then... I loved her story of being a kid entrepreneur and her relatable advice for building a purpose-driven, bug-based company. Like the women my book Eat Bugs is based upon, Mikaela got a deal on Shark Tank too.

From Heather's list on kids starting businesses.

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