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This novel tells the story of one person, Astrid, who grows up in a dysfunctional failed utopian commune in British Columbia, Canada.

The story of Astrid is told from multiple points of view. Each character paints a different picture of this child-who-becomes-a-woman, at different stages in her life. But what I like most about this book is its exploration of the aftermath of growing up in a failed utopian commune.

How does a person carry this ejected-from-Eden baggage with them over a lifespan? Is it possible to overcome it and fit into “normal” society again? The answers to these questions…

From Buffy's list on living that 60s cult/commune life.

I liked this book for its rural BC setting and its detailed, insightful depiction of West Coast lifestyles and culture, as well as its multiple perspectives and voices. Astra Brine, who grows up on a remote farm commune on Galiano Island, is seen through the eyes of the people who know her, and through the filters of their own lives. The ten interconnected stories explore the beauties of West Coast individuality and iconoclasm, as well as the pain and tenderness of connection.

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