By Jonathan Lambert, Lori Titus, Angelique Fawns , Michelle von Eschen , Mya Lairis , Jordan Kerns , Justin Guleserian , Patsy Pratt-Herzog , Jami Baumann , Jeannie Warner , Sophie Kearing

Book cover of Accursed: A Horror Anthology

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Accursed items. Some people believe in them, some people don’t. With a truly cursed item, belief doesn’t matter. It’s gonna get you anyway. You might survive. Or you might not. Maybe you'll be compelled to do things you never would without its influence. Maybe it helped you at the casino.…

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In the tradition of one of my favorite television shows, Friday the 13th, this anthology brings alive the idea that objects really do carry the spirits of their journeys. This one ranks up there with my faves because it’s packed full of stories about haunted objects, everyday things that you just might have lying around your home. From dentures to typewriters to mixing bowls, every cursed item has a story to tell about its past and its future. I can’t pick a favorite here because there are so many great pieces and I was so impressed with how…

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