A Princess In Berlin

By Arthur R. G. Solmssen,

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When American soldier Peter Ellis returns to Berlin in 1922 to study painting, he experiences all the opulent decadence of an upper-class romance and the lurid bohemian lifestyle of Berlin's art world

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In Princess a reader feels the fears, panic, and illusions in post-World War I Germany that led to the rise of Hitler and World War II. A young German-speaking American, in love with the daughter of a Jewish banking family, witnesses the explosive growth of racist nationalism, blaming Jews for war loss and economic disaster, and how a youth socially related to that family is turned into a furious, murderous Nazi. We also glimpse young Bertolt Brecht, singing scathing critiques of the nationalists, and a Bohemian artist much like George Grosz, representing the left opposition. The book helped me understand…

From Geoffrey's list on fiction on revolutionary social change.

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