A Holly Jolly Diwali

By Sonya Lalli,

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"Lalli's prose is deft, her characters are delightful and her book is the just-right holiday romance."--USA Today

One type-A data analyst discovers her free-spirited side on an impulsive journey from bustling Mumbai to the gorgeous beaches of Goa and finds love waiting for her on Christmas morning.

Twenty-nine-year-old Niki Randhawa…

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I loved this book! I was especially fond of taking the tour of India with the main character, Niki, who had never been to India before, despite the fact that her family is Indian and she’s 29 years old. She unexpectedly finds herself with the opportunity to go to India for her best friend’s wedding. While she’s there, she gets to celebrate Diwali at a big party when who should she meet but a handsome musician. The setting is fantastic, the characters are so lovable. This was just an excellent feel-good book. 

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