When The Sky Roars

By Katie Weaver,

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BOOM! CRASH! ROAAAR! What in the WORLD is going on up there?! Those loud, booming roars coming from the sky are so scary!

Little Liam is tired of being afraid when the sky roars - thunderstorms are NOT his favorite. So, he’s off on the ultimate quest to find out…

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Sometimes when my kids were anxious or scared I would try to use humor to help and distract them. (Sometimes it worked and sometimes they thought I was “lame.”) I’m glad author Katie Weaver took a humorous approach in this fun book! What better way to quell fears than to imagine something not-so-scary? She thought up this story as she and her kids snuggled through a thunderstorm. The gentle and subtle message within the story is: when you face your fear, you often realize it wasn't as scary as you imagined, perhaps, even fun! And, sometimes, there can even be…

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