Tracking Trash

By Loree Griffin Burns,

Book cover of Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion

Book description

The author of The Hive Detectives presents “a unique and often fascinating book on ocean currents, drifting trash, and the scientists who study them” (Booklist).

Aided by an army of beachcombers, oceanographer Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer tracks trash in the name of science. From sneakers to hockey gloves, Curt monitors the…

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Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer had a “wow” moment when thousands and thousands of Nike sneakers showed up on beaches in Seattle. I thought that was amazing too. Then he heard about rubber duckies, blue plastic turtles, hockey gloves, and lego pieces. This fascinating book reveals his unusual methods to study ocean currents and weather patterns by tracking floating items that fall from ships at sea. Amateur ocean observers help him all over the world and some are focused on dangerous abandoned fishing nets. Are you fascinated? Websites, a newsletter, and other programs are mentioned for those who might be inspired.  

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