Throughput Economics

By Eli Schragenheim, Henry Camp, Rocco Surace

Book cover of Throughput Economics: Making Good Management Decisions

Book description

"Schragenheim, Camp and Surace, three leaders of TOC community, are tackling one of value destroyers of corporations-the misuse and abuse of traditional cost accounting. This book develops a practical methodology for better decision making by looking at the impact of certain types of decisions on a company's bottom line. This…

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Everyone realizes that the economic leverage from "doing the right projects" can be even greater than "doing the projects faster." Only how should the selection be made sensibly? In addition: If we want to work flow and be bottleneck-oriented, we always come up against the limits of the usual key figures and target world in companies, e.g. the paradigm "everyone must be busy all the time." With Throughput Economics I finally had the tools at my disposal to be able to work on both questions in a target-oriented way with a management team. I am very grateful to the authors!

From Uwe's list on speed for multiple projects.

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