The Wake Up

By Michelle MiJung Kim,

Book cover of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change

Book description

As we become more aware of various social injustices in the world, many of us want to be part of the movement toward positive change. But sometimes our best intentions cause unintended harm, and we fumble. We might feel afraid to say the wrong thing and feel guilt for not…

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Michelle Mijung Kim offers incredible, nuanced insights about what’s missing from many of today’s conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Many of us are well-intentioned but ill-equipped to navigate some of the tricky challenges of making social change. Kim shares concrete and accessible advice to help people tackle these challenges, using personal stories, simple definitions, and clear frameworks.

This book covers topics like the importance of understanding context, getting called out, making sacrifices for DEI, and holding trauma—all of which are crucial topics for managers to build skills around.

I can’t stop recommending The Wake Up, because it so perfectly articulates the importance of examining our own intentions and goals when embarking on work aimed at changing the status quo, especially work focused on racial and gender inequality and other social justice issues. It’s easy to have good intentions but still do harm, and Michelle’s wonderful book guides you step by step through that much-needed process of examination with an abundance of love and generosity.

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