The Time of the End

By Tim Warner,

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The date when Christ's Kingdom will come to earth has been the "Holy Grail" of biblical prophecy since Daniel first inquired. Countless Christians have diligently searched for this hidden treasure. It has escaped the meticulous, chronological study of Sir Isaac Newton and the tomfoolery of Harold Camping. The earliest Christians…

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Tim Warner is mostly unknown, but his research has led to uncovering facts that many believers do not know about regarding the end times. He provides ample evidence of what the early Church believed and traces a change in belief systems about Bible prophecies over time. It is important to see how these cultural developments infiltrated the Church. 

The clearest analysis I found out about was an abrupt change in view beginning with Athenagoras. He was a philosopher who became a Christian but kept Greek beliefs about the afterlife instead of adopting ancient Hebraic teachings. The Church inherited these Greek…

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