The Right Stuff

By Tom Wolfe,

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A wonderful novel and perfect book club choice, The Right Stuff is a wildly vivid and entertaining chronicle of America's early space programme.


'What is it,' asks Tom Wolfe, 'that makes a man willing to sit on top of an enormous Roman…

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It seems incomprehensible that I didn’t read this book until my test pilot husband died. He’d applied to NASA, just before the plane crash.

This book is popular in the aviation community because Tom Wolfe nailed it—the pilot lingo, the tall tales from the cockpit, the egos, the spot-on descriptions, and mostly, the brilliance and love of adventure. I’ve spent most of my life around pilots (I’m a licensed private pilot) and Wolfe gets it. He is an extremely talented writer who helped bring Chuck Yeager’s ultra-cool bravery into the mainstream. Wolfe traces the successes and horrific failures of the…

This book, Wolfe’s dramatized interpretation of the Mercury 7, the first American astronauts, was my first “grown-up” look at the U.S. space program. It gave me an understanding of these men and their times unlike anything I had previously experienced.

From Christopher's list on history of space exploration.

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