The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings

By John Haywood,

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Viking marauders in their longships burst through the defences of ninth-century Europe, striking terror into the hearts of peasants and rulers alike for two centuries. But the Vikings were more than just marine warriors and this atlas shows their development as traders and craftsmen, explorers, settlers and mercenaries. With over…

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what value is an illustrated, annotated map complete with key dates and a timeline?! Most books carry a few maps that help orientate you to the text, but this atlas is a treasure trove. It provides a visual context that is hugely helpful in understanding how the world of the Vikings evolved.

From Ian's list on researching Vikings.

If I'm to understand a period and a theme, I want maps: lots of them and packed with information. John Haywood's beautifully presented series of full-colour thematic and chronological maps is a perfect companion for the curious reader and student of the Viking period. It has good thematic summaries, plenty of illustrations and helps one to understand the sheer breadth and pace of Viking activity across Europe and beyond in the two centuries after the first raid on Lindisfarne. Invaluable.

From Max's list on the viking period.

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