The Golden Apples of the Sun

By Ray D. Bradbury,

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Ray Bradbury is a modern cultural treasure. His disarming simplicity of style underlies a towering body of work unmatched in metaphorical power by any other American storyteller. And here, presented in a new trade edition, are thirty-two of his most famous tales--prime examples of the poignant and mysterious poetry which…

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The variety of subjects covered in this collection of 22 short stories demonstrates Bradbury's prowess as a master craftsman and the reason why I count him among my literary heroes. 

More than a few of these tales have become legendary, including “A Sound of Thunder.” Bradbury's premise of how the death of a butterfly in prehistoric times could have drastic changes in the future is a variation on the famous “butterfly effect” and a fine example of the relationship between chaos theory and the physics of time travel.
For me, the most incredible story in the collection is “The Fog…

You probably know more Ray Bradbury stories than you think. I first became aware of Ray Bradbury after hearing some of his stories adapted for radio (I don’t own one of those TV box things). Here was another great imagination. Bradbury was another craftsman in the trade of short stories and had started writing them from the age of 12. The Golden Apple of the Sun is a 1953 collection that contains stories such as "The Fog Horn" which ended up being adapted for the cinema as The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Despite being written some time ago…

This is a brilliant collection of imaginative stories – diverse in genre and subject charming, nostalgic, and poetic. In" The April Witch," Cecy is a romantic, naïve girl kept from the world by her magical family. She can slip into any living thing and experience flight as a bird or swimming like a fish. This becomes terrible when she follows her feelings. She takes over Ann and gets her to flirt with older Tom who Cecy fancies, makes Ann dance with him, and then Ann must pressurise Tom to promise to call on Cecy. Ann is frightened and humiliated, but…

From Stephen's list on sweet children with terrifying powers.

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