The Field

By Lynne McTaggart,

Book cover of The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Book description

The energy found in the vacuum - or the zero point field - is enough to boil all the oceans of the world. These oscillating waves seem to be the key to all sorts of unexplained phenomena: ESP, homeopathy, energy medicine, spiritual healing, intercessory prayer, psychic phenomena, and the homing…

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In all my twenty-five-year career as a Science Fantasy writer, few books have blown my mind like this one did. 

All the esoteric texts and theory I’d read over the years suddenly manifest in world as science in the form of Quantum Physics.

This book brings together the work of several scientific studies from around the world that were all, in their own way uncovering evidence for an underlying energy field that connects all living things. 

What was archaically known as Ether or the Etheric Realm, was now being proven via Zero Point Field Theory,  Lynne does a fantastic job…

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