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Born of a fallen race, forced into combat at an early age, Ian Troy knew little but the brutality of war. A hope for more was born when, on the brink of defeat, an instrument of victory fell into his hands. Unaware of its true nature, Ian wielded the Crown…

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The Crown of Stone series is an undiscovered gem in grim-dark fantasy, and Magic-Price is the book that kicked it off. Grim-dark fantasy isn’t often associated with lyrical writing, which made this book a rare find. It’s violent, contains profanity and a few scenes of erotica, and has a great anti-hero, but it’s also beautifully written with rich imagery, vivid descriptions, and a wrenching emotional fullness that stuck with me for days after closing the last page. I loved the flow and how all this luscious writing contrasted with the brutality of the characters and story. All that and a…

From D. Wallace's list on lyrical writing that will make you swoon.

Wow, I love this book. I simply can’t think of another modern book that has impressed me this much with its world-building. If anyone likes original fantasy worlds, you definitely want to check out this story. I kept reading to find out more about the world just as much as I kept reading to find out what happened to the characters. The writing is beautiful, the characters and dialogue are fantastic, and the world-building is beyond impressive. It’s not overly fantastical to the point you can’t identify with it, but it’s complex and unique with a rich history woven into…

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