The Chimes of Alyafaleyn

By Grace Chetwin,

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Book description

Caidrun is born into Alyafaleyn - Region of Harmonies - where golden spheres, heynim, float in the air. Their gentle chiming uphold the very world's existence. While the ability to control the chimes usually comes in adolescence, Caidrun pulls a huge mass of them to her at lethal speed before…

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The older, wiser, and less magical Tamborel must protect Caidy. Her family and village suffer from, and do all they can to stop her from growing into her powers. Through hard work and sacrifice, Tamborel lifts Caidy out of darkness and defeats depression.

The science of music and sound play on my emotions throughout the story.

People with ADHD and Autism are similarly misunderstood. They can be hindered by neuro-typical people to “limit the damage” they may “inflict” on “normal” society. Caidy stirred my sympathy for these people. Knowledge and seeking are the basis of science, not the having of…

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