The Burning Light of Two Stars

By Laura Davis,

Book cover of The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story

Book description

"Caregiving an elderly parent, especially against the backdrop of a difficult shared past, can be a bruising spiritual ordeal. We who must travel this territory don't need any more sentimental narratives about it. What we do need is the healing medicine of truth-telling, and Laura Davis brilliantly and generously gives…

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Laura Davis hits it out of the park with this epically honest and human memoir.

In it, she tells the story of how, after decades of estrangement due to family abuse and incest, which her mother denied, she decides to care for her elderly mother. I believe any woman will find value, wisdom, and relief in The Burning Light of Two Stars, but it is especially poignant for mothers and adult daughters who have struggled, are estranged, and/or are navigating reconciliation.

It is in revealing and speaking the truth, that healing, even when it's messy and emotional, can take place. 

In the late 1980s, Laura Davis co-wrote The Courage to Heal. It was first non-academic book to straightforwardly confront the fact that incest even existed, let alone to address healing. The self-help book with personal stories gave rise to the movement that called us survivors; prior to The Courage to Heal, we were victims. The Courage to Heal led to recovery for millions of people around the world. I am one of them.

Fast-forward to today: Davis’ first memoir The Burning Light of Two Stars, traces her relationship with and love for her mother, who is in decline and…

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