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John Myers Myers transports the reader to a world where a shipwrecked American can sing songs with Robin Hood, feast with Beowulf and ride the river in a raft stolen from Huck Finn - or be attacked by Don Quixote, challenged to a beheading contest and turned into a pig…

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Most people don't even know about this book. Written in 1946, it's just a little older than I am. I read it years ago and was delighted by Myers' world woven from existing fantasy and legend. I also use what has worked before to make my own books both familiar and new. How convenient when you have a perfectly fantastic cauldron of long-held material completely free for the taking. I, as did Myers, took full advantage of the vast pool of wonderful existing ideas. “Silverlock” certainly showed me I could freely dip from the pool and just twist it a…

From Marva's list on combining magic with the mundane.

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