RHS Practical House Plant Book

By Fran Bailey, Zia Allaway, Royal Horticultural Society

Book cover of RHS Practical House Plant Book: Choose The Best, Display Creatively, Nurture and Care, 175 Plant Profiles

Book description

Turn your indoors into a green oasis! Learn about 175 house plants and follow step-by-step projects to create an indoor garden.

A plant book perfect for people who live in apartments and enthusiastic gardeners who want to move their gardening expertise inside! Learn how to create an indoor garden that…

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Sometimes you need to refer to the highest authority and in the case of plants, that means the Royal Horticultural Society. So when it comes to knowing which house plant is which, what conditions they like, and how to care for them, you can’t really do better than this book. With 175 different plant profiles, the one you picked up without a label at the supermarket is bound to be there, not to mention more exotic offerings that scream "I need special care." 

From Catherine's list on keeping your houseplants alive.

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