Rescue Dogs

By Pete Paxton, Gene Stone,

Book cover of Rescue Dogs: Where They Come From, Why They Act the Way They Do, and How to Love Them Well

Book description

A fascinating look at rescue dogs--where they come from, why every dog lover should consider adopting one, and how to make them part of your family.

America's leading undercover animal investigator, Pete Paxton, has, among other exploits, infiltrated more than seven hundred puppy mills, worked undercover to close one of…

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Rescue Dogs is one part true crime, one part instructions on bringing home a rescue dog, and one part get-your-butt-off-the-couch-and-help. While the book focused on purebred dogs from puppy mills and commercial breeders, many of the same issues arise when you bring home any shelter pet. It wasn't always easy to listen to the stories of animal abuse that occur all too often in purebred breeding operations, but Pete’s devotion and his ability to put the big-picture before his emotions were admirable. If we intend to move the needle on stopping the killing of adoptable dogs in this country, we…

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