Red, White & Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston,

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* Instant NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller *

What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince…

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American snark meets cutting British wit: I loved the texts/emails/calls between Alex, the American president’s son, and Henry, the British prince. The contrast between the two characters was riveting: the brash, ambitious young politico versus the cultured, smooth, royal prince with decades of tradition bred into his bones. Let’s face it: power is seductive, and these two enemies-to-lovers move in the highest-powered circles on Earth.

What gives this love story extra depth is the struggle of these highly visible men to deal with being gay/bisexual both in private and on the public stage. Prince Henry’s pain at having to suppress…

From Nancy's list on modern-day royalty.

This list would not be complete without Alex and Henry’s story—this was the first M/M romance I read, and it made me feel ALL the feels. I loved the setup of the son of the US president falling for a British prince—and the hook did not disappoint.

I was so drawn in by both characters’ struggles to be seen as themselves and to love who they wanted despite the giant spotlight shining on both their lives. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to start again on page one. 

Red, White, & Royal Blue is one of my all time favorite books, period.

Up there with my non-spicy recommendations, Red, White, & Royal Blue is a lovingly crafted, beautifully executed example of how to do justice to queer representation. Henry and Alex’s love story is everything I wanted it to be and more.

If I could recommend this book five times, I would. As someone who grew up queer without a ton of options for queer literature, this is the book I wish I’d had in middle and high school. So now, it’s the book that I will just…

From Harlowe's list on spicy, queer romance.

When you screech, "do not talk to me the boys are about to kiss" to your partner, it becomes necessary to recommend the book to everyone you know.

Does RWRB need more recommendations? Maybe not. But it has to be first on my list because it was the book that got me back into romance. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny, the relationship between Henry and Alex is so authentic, it will make your heart sing. Yes, they are in ridiculous positions in the world, but it is their love that drives the story.

Hilarious, heartwarming, and sexy. If…

Let me say it. I love gay romance novels. I read one on a whim during the 2020 COVID lockdown (during which I would blow through 2-3 novels daily), thinking, “This is probably not my thing, but I’ll give it a whirl.” I can now declare: It. Is. My. Thing.

I’ve now read dozens of queer romance novels, and I’m here to say that this story is the most charming, most hilarious, and most swoon-worthy I have ever read.

This enemies-to-lovers romance centers around a high-profile, biracial American (son of the President) and a prince (the spare, not the heir)…

This book has plenty of push and pull, and I couldn’t put it down.

I wanted the main guys to get together so badly, and loved watching them grow as young men, making important decisions for their respective countries while making peace with the social lens constantly being aimed their way. 

Again, another killer strapline that lured me in straight away: "What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?"

As a Brit who often watches the shenanigans of the Royal Family in total disbelief, I was very curious to see how this story played out. And it is so very sweet and funny, an insight into a life of wealth and power beyond your wildest dreams. Forced to stage a friendship for the sake of international relations, Alex and Prince Henry soon catch feelings and must navigate their fledgling relationship under the most intense…

This playful romcom reminded me of the pillars of romance: juicy conflict, lovable characters, and pacing that never quits. You can’t go wrong when the son of Madame President falls in love with England’s dishy prince. This is how diplomacy should always work! Red, White & Royal Blue is high concept fun and ruined my weekend plans to work.

I nearly put down this book right after I started it because I wasn’t sure I was smart enough to get through it. McQuiston’s vocabulary is beautiful, but I am notoriously simple-minded. I’m forever thankful that I didn’t. A love story between the President’s son and the Prince of England isn’t something you think you need, but you do – you very much do. Mild SA (not main character) trigger for this one.

It’s not often I jump on a popular bandwagon, but Casey handles banter like a queen. The chemistry she builds between the fictional prince of England and the fictional president’s son is intoxicating. Not only is the book littered with historical references to LGBTQ+ history, but the beauty of blending cultures is matched only by the beauty of their love. Plus, if you can make me giggle like a dork, you get extra points. Although an unconventional read for me, I appreciated a few nerdy references and a political twist that didn’t feel too politic-y. 

Honestly, I’m not big into…

From Lin's list on with bisexual romance.

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