Quantum Computing Since Democritus

By Scott Aaronson,

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Written by noted quantum computing theorist Scott Aaronson, this book takes readers on a tour through some of the deepest ideas of maths, computer science and physics. Full of insights, arguments and philosophical perspectives, the book covers an amazing array of topics. Beginning in antiquity with Democritus, it progresses through…

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Sometimes a book is not just brilliant and thought-provoking but just plain fun.

Scott Aaronson’s Quantum Computing Since Democritus provides a broad overview of philosophical issues arising from computational theory, cryptography, quantum mechanics, and quantum computing. Its style is crisp, clear, and conversational.

It’s the kind of book that can be read a first time briskly for the sheer excitement of it and then a second time with attention to all the details for consistent Eureka! moments of philosophical insight. Fascinating material and an excellent presentation.

I’ve been fascinated by complexity theory and quantum computing since I started studying cryptography. Not only because of the intellectual depth and rich history of these disciplines, but because of how they relate to cryptography: complexity theory brings the foundational security assurance, while quantum computing destroys part of that security. Aaronson is one of the world-leading researchers working at the intersection of these two fields, whose research and blog I’ve been following for many years. I was thus delighted to find his witty, funny writings turned into a comprehensive book, touching on topics as diverse as logic, computability, quantum mechanics,…

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