Primal Fear

By William Diehl,

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Martin Vail, Chicago's most brilliant lawyer, has been set up by his enemies to defend a case he cannot win. Young Aaron Stampler was caught red-handed after a murder that had the city reeling. He looks bound to fry, but he swears he's innocent. In a desperate gamble for justice,…

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Defence lawyer Marty Vail never loses a case. That’s made him the bane of Chicago’s judges and prosecutors. To teach him a lesson in humility, he’s assigned to defend altar boy, Aaron Stampler, on charges of murdering a pillar of the community, Archbishop Rushman. The clergyman was stabbed to death in his apartment and Stampler, a baby-faced, 19-year-old from Kentucky, was found hiding in the confessional box, covered in blood and holding the murder weapon. 

Enter psychiatrist Molly Arrington and she and Marty spend hours with Aaron trying to uncover the real killer. Naturally, in this gritty story of power-seeking…

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