Our Northern Islands

By Dennis Chan, Angelo O'Connor Villagomez (editor),

Book cover of Our Northern Islands: The first expedition to the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument

Book description

Our Northern Islands is a first person telling of the first expedition to the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument.

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It is the dream of many indigenous residents of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota to visit—at least once during a lifetime—the remote "northern islands" of the 400-mile archipelago that comprises the Mariana Islands. High school student Dennis Chan fulfilled that dream as his prize for winning an essay contest. The contest—and the winner's participation in a week-long, first-of-its-kind ocean expedition—was timed to coincide with the Bush administration's designation of a 95,000sqare mile swath of the Western Pacific Ocean as an official Marine National Monument. Dennis, with the help of activist and blogger Angelo Villagomez, chronicled and published Our Northern Islands,…

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