Murder with Peacocks

By Donna Andrews,

Book cover of Murder with Peacocks

Book description

Hectic plans for three family weddings in one summer are made even more hectic by murder.

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Zany family members and weddings gone wrong provide page-turning laughs in the first book in the Meg Lanslow series. The heroine is smart, funny, and… a blacksmith. The small-town shenanigans just keep coming in this laugh-out-loud mystery, but the heart comes from the familial relationships. (No peacocks are harmed in the making of this mystery, but they do provide plenty of laughs.)

From Kirsten's list on funny cozy mysteries.

A bookseller recommended the Meg Lanslow series to me years ago and I’ve read them all – 31, as of 2021.  I like Meg’s character – she’s a decorative blacksmith. Each title is a play on birds (no pun intended). They are all fast-paced and witty. 

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