Mrs. Lincoln

By Catherine Clinton,

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“This engaging, wonderfully written narrative provides fresh insight into this complex woman. It is a triumph.” —Doris Kearns Goodwin

Catherine Clinton, author of the award-winning Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom, returns with Mrs. Lincoln, the first new biography in almost 20 years of Mary Todd Lincoln, one of the…

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While Mary Lincoln (although we often call her "Mary Todd Lincoln," she preferred "Mary Lincoln," "Mrs. Abraham Lincoln," or the unassuming "Mrs. A. Lincoln") has been the subject of several biographies, this is my favorite, and one which I always used as my first resource when checking a fact or looking for a reference about Mary Lincoln. It's readable, well-sourced, and sympathetic toward its subject without veering into hagiography or being overly indulgent of Mary's foibles.

From Susan's list on First Lady Mary Lincoln.

Mary Lincoln (she did not use “Todd,” as readers will learn) was much hated by her husband’s chroniclers. They painted her as mentally unwell, frivolous, too intrusive in her husband’s business, too lavish in her spending, and a detriment to his career. Clinton looks past these assessments and, with great sympathy, shows a woman who had actually been a great asset to her unpolished spouse because she was interested in politics, bold, and attractive. She also endured great tragedy during her years in the White House. Clinton’s sensitivity will leave readers not only reassessing what they think they know about…

From Leigh's list on iconic American women.

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