Meet the Bigfeet

By Kevin Sherry,

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Yetis, Bigfeet and goblins abound in this hilarious new illustrated
series from a bestselling author/illustrator!

Blizz Richards is a great guy, a caring boss and a loyal friend.
Oh, yeah ... he's also a yeti! He's made it his life's mission to
study cryptids like him; hidden animals who have…

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Cryptids? Gnomes? Maps and charts? I’m in heaven.

I don’t know Kevin, but he feels like a kindred spirit who grew up on the same set of references. The Yeti Files books are hilarious and cool with a huge cast of cryptids (check the endpapers for a roll call). Marlon the skunk ape is my favorite.

I love the way the story of Blizz attending his family reunion and thwarting George the cryptozoologist is told: illustrated spreads, whooshing panels, Indiana Jones-esque dotted line traveling interludes, etc.

The rhythm and pace surf you from page to page. Reluctant readers don’t stand…

Blizz Richards is a Yeti and he lives in Nepal. He also has a secret headquarters where he does a lot of research on other creatures like himself who hide from the outside world. I love that Blizz is a researcher as it shows the power of someone who enjoys learning about the world around them. But in this issue, Blizz has to find his cousin Brian who has disappeared after a photo of him appeared in the news. This book will open up the readers to an exciting new world outside their own.

From Ken's list on unexpected superheroes.

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