Land Under the Pole Star

By Helge Ingstad,

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pp. 381, black and white photographs, index. "'Land Under the Pole Star' is the exploration reading and historical detection to absorb the general reader and fill vital historical gaps for the expert. And throughout it is an evocative picture of a robust, long-lost society, which holds many important keys to…

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Why would I carry a one-kilo hardback around Greenland and Newfoundland on my back? Because Helge Ingstad was the archaeologist who discovered and excavated L’Anse Aux Meadowes, the first archaeological corroboration of Norse settlement in North America. Also because Land Under the Pole Star does the sort of sea exploration I have only dreamed about, following the Viking voyagers to Greenland and Vinland (wherever that was; personally I find Ingstad’s theories convincing). Not too colonial or patriarchal for modern sensibilities, Ingstad’s project is to relate the old Norse texts to what he finds on the ground. He’s an acute, sympathetic…

From Margaret's list on Northern Lands.

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