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Perplexed by inappropriate, recurring, or just-plain confusing dreams? Make friends with your subconscious-and its head-scratching contents! Cheaper and considerably less nosy than a shrink, this bedside analyst offers an easy format for recording your psyche's odd nocturnal missions and interpreting their significance. Because sometimes a cigar is just a cigar-but…

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I included this book because the most important part of dream interpretation is recording your dreams. This journal has space for your to write a title for the dream as recommended in the previous book Dream Work. In addition to writing out the dream, there are boxes to check off the category of dream – from a nightmare to mundane - and a checklist to note the prevailing emotion. There is space to draw images from the dream and a section to reflect and try an interpretation. You can use any of these features and the journal, by offering…

From Lara's list on dream interpretation.

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