Hugless Douglas

By David Melling,

Book cover of Hugless Douglas

Book description

Hugless Douglas in on a hunt for the perfect bear hug! Join him and see why this delightful cuddly tale has been entertaining families for ten years.

Hugless Douglas is a huggable, lovable young brown bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He goes to try…

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The title of the book tells you that the book is going to be F-U-N. Hugless Douglas. When Douglas the bear wakes up after his Winter sleep, all he really wants is a nice big hug! Douglas sets off in search of the best hug, and the hugs he gets just seem to lack something, but what? 

Does Hugless Douglas finally get the hug he really wants? This is such a lovely, heart-warming book and it is especially nice at bedtime!

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