How to Avoid Being Killed in a Warzone

By Rosie Garthwaite,

Book cover of How to Avoid Being Killed in a Warzone

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Everyone needs this book if they want to know how to get out of difficult situations whether at home or abroad. Written by Rosie Garthwaite, whose career as a journalist started in war-torn Basra, this book combines practical advice with contributions from many journalists and commentators including Rageh Omar and…

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Most books about the military are written by men. But I was fascinated by this practical tip-based book by journalist Rosie Garthwaite. Wonderful anecdotes amongst real gems for staying safe in dangerous places. I also used it as research for one of my novels about a female war correspondent in Afghanistan.

From Jane's list on first-hand accounts of warzones.

British army officer turned foreign correspondent for the BBC and Al Jazeera, Rosie Garthwaite has worked in some the world's toughest and most dangerous areas. In her book, How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone, Garthwaite offers practical tips for journalists, aid workers, business travelers, and others who find themselves caught up in the chaos of conflict and violence in volatile regions. More than a survival guide to tell you how to avoid landmines or amputate a bomb-shattered leg, the book is infused with Garthwaite's simultaneously intelligent, harrowing, and wry takes on perils she faced when working in…

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