Hero of Two Worlds

By Mike Duncan,

Book cover of Hero of Two Worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution

Book description

Few in history can match the revolutionary career of the Marquis de Lafayette. Over fifty incredible years at the heart of the Age of Revolution, he fought courageously on both sides of the Atlantic. He was a soldier, statesman, idealist, philanthropist, and abolitionist.

As a teenager, Lafayette ran away from…

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What can we learn from history? EVERYTHING.

Mike Duncan is a tremendously entertaining podcaster, and he has become an excellent writer, too. This is spellbinding storytelling about the Marquis de Lafayette (yes, he also appears in Hamilton).

Lafayette played a critical role in not only the American Revolution but also the French Revolution and in the overthrow of the Bourbon dynasty in 1830. His devotion to liberty and individual freedom is an inspiration and will have you flipping the pages.

I recommend the audiobook version, Mr. Duncan is a fabulous narrator too!

When the Encyclopedia Virginia asked me to write a short biography of the Marquis de Lafayette for the anniversary of his 1824 visit to the United States, I read every book I could find on him.

From popular biographies to academic studies, I learned one important thing about Gilbert du Motier. It was impossible not to like him. His devotion to the American cause, his defense of the equality of all people, and his faith in democracy jumped off the pages of each book.

But Mike Duncan’s Hero in Two Worlds was the best because of the hours he spent…

Mike Duncan is another source of inspiration that I am indebted to for helping me become a better writer. Duncan is also the host of the podcasts History of Rome and Revolutions, and author of another book, The Storm Before the Storm. Duncan’s ability to recount some truly complex history with clarity and precision is truly uncanny, and his dry and sarcastic style of humor is similar to the humor I use in my book too. Duncan’s work helped me become a more discerning student of history and I am grateful for that. 

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